The Georgia Shorthand Reporters' Association website has been a long term on and off project. It involves a large amount of industry information as well as membership renewal and sign up forms, seminar registration forms and a large membership database. The website is an ongoin project and is managed by FYWW.

Mensa in Georgia

The Mensa in Georgia website was updated in 2011 by FYWW on a voluntary basis. The most active part of the website is the monthly newsletter which is inside the member only area.

kip portfoilio

This is how it all started at the Kennesaw State University, with an award winning course portfolio in the KIP (Kennesaw Internet Professional) course.


The Freebird Agility website was designed as part of the KIP portfolio above. Sadly, this club is not real, but I had to have my dogs in here somewhere.

four seasons

The Four Seasons Pottery website was a redesign of an older website, with the permission of Four Seasons Pottery, as part of the KIP course work.


The Meanie Wear for Kids web page was built on the Zazzle website.